Virtual Reality

See Your Architecture Project's Vision Come to Life with Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality technology enables you to “walk through” your new space to understand how the architecture & engineering plans will come to life

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In-House Virtual Reality Technology for Architecture & Engineering Projects

Virtual Reality helps clients experience their new space before the design is even finalized. StudioJAED brought Virtual Reality in-house because it helps architects and engineers clearly communicate plans to clients.

By experiencing the space in Virtual Reality, clients can provide valuable input, request changes, and feel comfortable moving forward with the design.

Virtual Reality Client Application

Caesar Rodney High School

StudioJAED used Virtual Reality to help Caesar Rodney High School visualize major renovations to their campus.

At the high school’s homecoming Pride Day, administrators, faculty, students, and alumni were able to use Virtual Reality to “walk through” their “new campus” with a 360 degree perspective.

Excited parents, students, and teachers supported the project that eventually passed referendum.

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Virtual Reality Client Application

Carvel State Office Building

StudioJAED used Virtual Reality to allow various stakeholders to visualize the various design concepts for the modernization of the entrance and lobby of the Carvel State Office Building in Downtown Wilmington. 

The Carvel State Office Building is a 12-story, 305,000 SF complex with offices of the Governor and Attorney General and various other state agencies.  Approximately 1,000 employees are housed in the facility daily.

Included in the update was a design for enhanced security measures including a redesigned and streamlined security screening process.    

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Virtual Reality Benefits on Many StudioJAED Projects

StudioJAED has the unique advantage of having a Virtual Reality expert in-house. This in-house expertise enables us to apply Virtual Reality technology on a variety of projects.

Speed Up Architecture Project Timelines With Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality improves architect-client communication to keep projects on schedule.

  • Faster feedback is possible when clients experience the space in Virtual Reality
  • On-the-fly changes can be made so clients can visualize changes in real time
  • Quicker design iterations are possible because clients deliver more concrete feedback

Trust the Design Will Match the Final Product

Many clients often have trouble visualizing a redesigned space through illustrations and 3D models alone.

Virtual Reality clarifies how the design plan translate to the final environment. This clarity gives clients a better perspective on what they are buying so they can have better peace of mind.