Innovative Architectural Solutions

We pride ourselves on our consistently high degree of constructability and our flexibility to work with a variety of project delivery systems, including Bid-spec services for General Contractor and Construction Manager packages, as well as Design-Build support services.

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Master Planning

Master Planning is the ability to identify strategic issues and challenges, and then design those solutions around which buildings and spaces are created.

These solutions make a significant contribution to the environment.

The combination of programming, architecture, and planning that provides a framework in which civic, religious, economic, educational and cultural ambitions develop and progress.

What is the Master Plan?

The Master Plan is a compilation of goals, policies, and recommendations which becomes the core philosophy that directs all built environment activities. During the life of the plan, decisions will be made on pertinent issues and priorities.

StudioJAED is committed to ensuring that quality and best practices are delivered beyond the Master Plan by developing design guidance to assist the client in maximizing their investment, helping to ensure that the resulting programs, buildings, and spaces enhance the Master Planning objectives and meet set quality benchmarks.

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Design Charette

Develop a concept-level plan for the design of your facility

Our design charette process involves key members of our project team—the Project Manager, Lead Architect, Lead Engineer and Planner—meeting with your major stakeholders to develop a concept-level plan for the design of your facility.

This design session not only utilizes your staff’s on-the-spot input, but also the pre-planning information that has already been developed. StudioJAED believes that personal interaction is the best form of engagement.

Technology ensures flexible design that supports the end user 

StudioJAED addresses an array of technologies to create a place that is healthy, sustainable, and flexibly supportive of the active end user.

Not only must the building systems and information technologies be thoughtfully examined, but most importantly the spatial design must be researched to understand what features (fixed and unfixed) should be included to support the diverse ways in which people acquire knowledge, express their understanding, and spread knowledge to others.

Designers distill your feedback into a cohesive building and site plan

The design charette process allows our design professionals to become tools to combine the input from all facets of your organization and develop it into a cohesive building and site plan.

This plan focuses specifically on the necessary adjacencies, dimensional requirements, and any program-specific requirements that the areas will need to optimize your educational process and space needs. Our design professionals have successfully utilized this format on dozens of projects to quickly and efficiently develop conceptual plans and budgets for clients of all types.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design services are a creative practice combining both form and function.

The goal of our practice is to improve the quality of interior space by increasing efficiency, safety, and beauty.

We take into consideration building codes, health and safety regulations, circulation patterns, space planning, interior furniture and equipment, and more.

Our Interior Design services activities include:
  • Analyzing programmatic information
  • Establishing conceptual direction
  • Refining the design direction
  • Producing graphic communication and construction documents to shape the experience of interior space

Our services span all phases of design from the initial consultation to the post installation evaluation including inventory, managing the bidding process, coordination of contractors, relocation management, and more.