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Facilities / Properties Condition Assessments

A nationally-recognized leader in planning, implementing, coordinating, and conducting Facility Condition Assessment projects

We've managed and performed more than 350 million sq. ft. of on-site field assessments for educational, commercial, and government-owned facilities across 19 States and 2 Canadian Provinces.

Projects of this nature are typically initiated by a need to:
  • Identify/analyze capital improvement expenditures
  • Identify/analyze deferred maintenance expenditures
  • Evaluate program adequacy
  • Conduct a functional space analysis
  • Conduct a life cycle analysis
  • Perform an energy conservation study
  • Implement preventive maintenance

We have developed a project specific assessment process, which is customized based upon defined standards which integrate our quality assurance measures.

Our extensive experience in complex systemic renovations supports our ability to collect building maintenance asset data, as well as accurately classify equipment and its condition.

We provide architects, engineers, and field data collection manpower to quickly and efficiently support the implementation of any client specific Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and capital planning applications.