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Consider an Energy Audit — Reduce facility energy and water consumption, upgrade energy related capital equipment, improve building Operation and Maintenance (O&M), meet environmental management responsibilities, and more.

We have performed in-depth reviews of existing energy-consuming systems, provided client-specific lists of energy-conservation measures, and calculated estimated payback periods for the installation of our suggested system upgrades. We have impressed several clients with our unique ability to improve energy performance in buildings without sacrificing the expected functionality of the facilities.

StudioJAED provides several integrated technology-based solutions to meet the needs of our clients. In order to manage data collection and reporting needs, we have developed CT2000®, a desktop Microsoft Access database application, and CostMatrix®, an interactive, Web-native application.


CostMatrix® is written on the .NET platform which utilizes a Microsoft SQL Server as a relational database management system.

Our experience indicates that SQL Server based applications are more likely to be supported by various clients' IT Departments which enable them to establish a centrally shared database utilized by multiple departments and users.

StudioJAED offers CostMatrix® to clients as a hosted solution on an annual recurring "subscription" fee basis.  If required, special arrangements can be arranged to load the software directly onto a client-owned server.


CT2000® is a desktop Microsoft Access database application which provides the flexibility to tailor its interface and reporting features to meet project requirements, as well as to support data collection, analysis and reporting needs.

The application is comprised of pre-defined corrections which are organized using the Uniformat Classification System as well as geographically tailored correction cost estimates.

Each of these dynamic applications support data collection, analysis, and reporting needs, and are comprised of pre-defined corrections, organized using the Uniformat Classification system, along with geographically tailored correction cost estimates.